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We are Freemantle and Shirley Amateur Theatrical Society, also known as FASATS and are based in Shirley, Southampton.  We are an amateur group drawn mainly from the west side of Southampton, who like to get together and have fun putting on a performance that our audiences will enjoy watching.

Our members age from 10 years of age to 70+ and all keeness to perform is exploited to the full and every talent honed. 

In the beginning the group was based in Freemantle and was then known as Freemantle Amateur Dramatics Society.

It was originally formed by a lady called Mary Roberts in 1978.  Mary was a local lady, well known by many for her high profile in the community and her work in the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Mary worked tirelessly in producing 2 or 3 shows a year, as well as performing in many herself. Sadly, Mary collapsed on stage whilst singing a solo and died in hospital a few days later.  She will always be remembered with love and affection for her enthusiasm, patience and energy in all that she did for Freemantle Amateur Dramatics Society (FADS).

FADS continued for a number of years with various members producing and directing shows at the Freemantle Community Centre.

In 1992 FADS merged with another amateur dramatics society,  Carousel, which like FADS had been reduced in numbers.  Moyra Allen was the main Architect of Carousel, producing many shows each year.

In 1995, due to vadalism in the area, FADS were forced to relocate to Redridge Community School and then became known as Redbridge Amateur Theatrical Society (RATS).

In 2002 the group left Redbridge Community School due to the new building developments not including an appopriate stage space.  

After a year in a temporary rehearsal space, the group moved back to Freemantle Community Centre in 2009 and renamed to our current title, Freemantle and Shirley Amateur Theatrical Society (FASATS).

Our group and the centre have worked together to add vast improvements to the stage area and facilities and continue to work closely on future enhancements.

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